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Fraser Fir Reed Diffuser

Fraser Fir Reed Diffuser

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Introducing Our Reed Diffuser with Fiber Reeds ūüĆü

 Embrace the timeless allure of the holiday season with our traditional pine-scented reed diffuser, now enhanced with the latest fiber reed technology. The scent of traditional pine evokes memories of festive gatherings and evergreen forests, filling your space with the natural aroma of fresh pine needles and the spirit of the season.

 What sets our reed diffuser apart is the innovative fiber reeds it comes with. These reeds are designed to be more efficient at diffusing fragrance, ensuring a consistent, long-lasting scent experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of flipping reeds frequently!

The modern fiber reeds also offer a cleaner and more eco-friendly solution, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting pine fragrance without any mess or spills.

Place our traditional pine reed diffuser in any room to instantly transform it into a cozy, winter wonderland. It's the perfect addition to your holiday decor or a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Crafted with the finest natural oils, our Fall Reed Diffuser ensures a long-lasting and consistent scent diffusion, infusing your home with a soothing, yet invigorating


Taking good care of your reed diffuser will ensure it continues to provide a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance. Here are some care tips:

1. **Rotate the Reeds:** To refresh the scent, flip with the fiber reeds just when you think is necessary. You can do this whenever you notice the scent fading.

2. **Keep Away from Direct Sunlight:** Sunlight can cause the fragrance to break down faster, so place your reed diffuser in a spot that avoids direct sunlight.

3. **Choose the Right Location:** Position your diffuser in a central location with good air circulation. This helps disperse the scent evenly throughout the room.

4. **Keep Away from Heat Sources:** Avoid placing the diffuser near heat sources like radiators, vents, or electronics, as heat can cause the fragrance to evaporate more quickly.

5. **Use a Coaster or Plate:** Place your diffuser on a decorative plate or coaster to protect surfaces from any potential spills or drips.

8. **Replace Reeds:** If you notice that the reeds have become clogged or are no longer diffusing the scent effectively, it's a good idea to replace them with fresh reeds.

By following these care tips, you can enjoy the benefits of your reed diffuser for an extended period and maintain a consistently pleasant fragrance in your space.



Each melt is hand poured and made with a soy wax blend and phthalate free fragrances, allowing for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw, giving them a stronger scent and a long-lasting aroma. The maximum fragrance is added to each melt to provide the most fragrance possible.


Care Instructions

Wax Melt Care Guide

Here are some care instructions to make sure you get the most use out of your wax melts and that they produce a great scent throw for your home.

  • Your wax melts should be kept in their container in a cool, dry location. Your wax melts should ideally be kept out of direct light, both artificial and natural, to prevent color fading.
  • The size of your room impacts how strongly the scent is projected. Depending on the warmer you are using, more wax melts will be needed for a strong smell in a larger space. I always recommend using 2 warmer in larger areas and split into two different warmers. Our wax melts take 10 to 20 minutes of melting to produce a strong scent throw. Allow your wax melts to fully melt for the best scent throw. Make sure to melt wax in a well-ventilated space.
  • Avoid filling your warmers with too many wax melts. The result could be dangerous spills and the opposite of an intense melt; too much wax in a warmer can lead to a weak scent throw.
  • Remove all packaging before melting your wax.
  • Only use in¬†tea-light warmers or or electric warmers¬†approved for wax melts. Be sure to read and follow all instructions for your warmer before first use.
  • Never leave melted wax unattended around¬†children or pets.
  • Be sure to clear the¬†wax surface of¬†any¬†dust or debris¬†before your next melt.
  • Always¬†cover wax after it is completely cooled.¬†This will prevent any dust or debris from collecting on the wax's surface and causing a fire hazard. This will also ensure a great scent throw with each¬†melt and extend the life of your wax melts.
  • Discontinue¬†use when less than¬†1/2 of wax remains or wax no longer produces a scent.¬†Melting the¬†wax beyond this point is a fire hazard.¬†
  • Please be sure to¬†properly dispose of wax. Do not¬†pour down drains or in toilet. Pour used wax back in original container. Be careful as the wax will be hot. Allow to completely cool before disposing.¬†
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